Traditions in the Marches, living the history

The traditions in the Marches are really numerous and various. Some are traditions linked to folklore, to ancient customs of the people of the Marches, others, however, evoke the ancient history and bring it again to life. In the villages of the Marches, as Sarnano and Offagna, you can relive the medieval period, with its atmosphere, its typical characters, such as jesters, knights and Ladies. The alleys and streets are enlivened by typical performances of that era, such as fire eaters, dancers, jugglers and even battles of ancient fencing. In Sarnano, they also organize preparations of typical medieval dishes that tourists can taste in restaurants and taverns, everything always organized according to the ancient customs re-proposed during the feast. This celebration of the traditions in the Marches is called Castrum Sarnani… the Middle Ages that returns. In Offagna, the medieval festival is held for eight nights, the streets are illuminated only by torches, in order to recreate and breathe the medieval tradition. In San Severino Marche, you can see the Palio dei Castelli in June; during this festival, the organizers propose games such as the tug of war, the sack race, the game of the drowned apple. These games are called the challenge of the Castles. A Fabriano, we find the Palio di San Giovanni Battista, during which the main attraction is a race between masters blacksmith and shop boys. The Palio of Loreto is known as the Standard’ Race. Each quarter of Loreto presents a horse to compete and win the prize of the city. This tradition dates back to 1700, when in September, the period of local fairs, there were real horse races.