Pian dei Raggetti: rock engravings

Pian dei Raggetti is one of the paths to follow for those who decide to take a trip to Monte Conero. The path starts from the town of Poggio, that with only 704 inhabitants is considered to be the smallest town in the province of Ancona, and takes about thirty minutes walking. At the top of the mountain you can admire the bay of Portonovo. The Pian dei Raggetti path represents a pleasant walk among oak trees, strawberry fruits and weaver’s broom flowers, which perfume fill the hearts of the tourists.

If you decide to walk the Pian dei Raggetti path, before arriving at the top, you can opt for a short uphill path in the middle of the bushes that reaches a rocky bank on which you can admire rock engravings. The rock engravings represent canals, holes of various sizes and rectangular basins. According to some scholars, such engravings are comparable to the forms of worship in pre-Roman times. They are considered to be unique in central Italy, for which scholars approach these writings using scientific methods. Probably in the past, these incisions were visible to pedestrians on the  Pian dei Raggetti path, while today it is possible to see only about seventy square meters of the calcareous rock as it is almost entirely covered by the bushes, thanks to a reforestation work carried out in the 1930s. Precisely because of the poor visibility due to the vegetation that covers the rock, the actual extent of these incisions remains unknown. Nevertheless, scholars have managed to preserve visible this small space until today. Hoping to restore one day also the panoramic view to the Apennine elevations of Abruzzo and Marche, currently visible only from the top of the Pian dei Raggetti path. For these excursions, it is always best to wear trekking shoes and suitable clothing.